Everything you need to be a World Class Telecom provider

Out-of-the-Box Telecom Management of Providers, DID's, Porting, and lots more...


Connectors & iPaaS

Our platform connects your telecom to the most popular providers in the US such as Vitelity, VoIP Innovations, Voxbone, Conexiant, and Bandwidth.


We provide consulting for every stage of your telecom growth. From startup to global domination, our staff is ready to assist in challenges and guide you through the journey up the telecom ladder.

Solution, not just software

We provide solutions for integrating all your providers and managing all your numbers. From our user portal, to the API, to our staff of able consultants, we present a full solution to managing your providers and numbers.

Easy to get started

It's really easy to get started whether you use our portal, API or both.  We make sure your transition to the next generation platform is a smooth and easy one.

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"VoIP Providers looking for carrier management should really consider Teleco.IO to manage all aspects of their integration. The cost savings alone allowed us to have a 50% increase in business. Our labor time spent on billing has also decreased significantly as well."

- Mike Hancock, Managing Partner at Bridge Communications

What makes our solution exceptional?

Best-of-breed vs. lock-in

Wouldn't you rather snap in your carriers instead of building it all yourself? Eliminate the risk and cost of connecting a carrier into your ordering and DID management workflow. With Teleco.IO in place, all of a sudden the Telecom world is different. Try out carriers with a few clicks. No more lock-in.


We employ strong encryption so that your data and account credentials are constantly encrypted when processed in our system and at rest. Log files and message attachments are also stored in encrypted form.

Shortened Time-to-Market

Just plug-and-play with your providers, and start offering clients services immediately. Integrate with one API to access many instead of integrating with many API's.

Next-generation Solution

Teleco.IO is the only company that has been able to make provider integration and DID management available in one platform. Using our solution you have one less hassle to worry with and can better focus on growing your company and winning more clients.

Disrupting the industry one API & portal at a time.