Teleco.IO Redefines Telecom Asset Management with Comprehensive API

Teleco.IO Redefines Telecom Asset Management with
Comprehensive API

POMPANO BEACH, FL – December 18, 2014 - Teleco.IO, software developers
for the telecom industry, announce the launch of its Teleco.IO API, a system that
fully integrates telecom service procurement, management and reporting across
all providers. This API was developed to eliminate the prohibitive costs with
deploying telecom services traditionally. Teleco.IO API is available now for

Founded by veteran telecom executives, Teleco.IO was born out of the
company’s desire to both efficiently manage telecom assets while simultaneously
diminishing the risk historically associated with selecting telecom carriers and
service providers. By offering Teleco.IO API to automate the telecom
procurement and management processes, Teleco.IO offers real-time, automated
access to tier-1 telecom products and services from numerous providers nationwide
– saving both time and money.

“After experiencing, first-hand, the excessive time and costs associated with
procuring, integrating and managing carrier network elements, the need for a
better process was painfully clear,” states Jeff Traylor, Founder and CEO of
Teleco.IO. “This is why we developed Teleco.IO, a platform all carriers and large
enterprises can use to manage and automate their telecom management
organizations. The system provides an organized, cohesive and comprehensive
platform unlike anything available in the industry today.”

Teleco.IO has established relationships and network links with a number of
network and service providers, from tier-1 incumbent providers to rural network
operators, across the nation. Through Teleco.IO’s work to create the foundation
of these relationships, customers are able to remove the element of risk
associated with selecting a new carrier. Additionally, Teleco.IO API features a
fully turn-key implementation as well as comprehensive reporting tools. Analytics
are available on the platform in real-time, with the ability to change providers as

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About Teleco.IO
Located in Pompano Beach, FL, Teleco.IO is defining the future of telecom asset
management through its Teleco.IO API. Teleco.IO API integrates management
processes across all upstream providers, eliminating cost-per-provider and
ongoing API integration charges. Teleco.IO API enables a comprehensive suite
of telecom solutions from sourcing to provisioning and reporting through a fully
automated platform designed to work seamlessly with all providers. Backed by
critical analytics and customized reporting, Teleco.IO provides full visibility into
provider activity. For more information, visit

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