Happy Clients, Happy Teleco.IO!

Here is another popular question we have been receiving:  “Is there a way to avoid the high unpredictable integration costs per provider to connect into our systems?”

We found that the cost for our clients was averaging up to $20,000 or more per provider.  Funds that could be spent elsewhere were being eaten up by the integration monster!

They expressed concerns about the technical challenge of getting everything to work just right for their clients.  In addition, they had to consider the exponential cost of integration and ongoing development concerns.

On top of all that, we noticed that they would also have to dedicate a staff member to manage this integration.  That’s right, a caretaker for the monster now as well.  

Just the phrase “It’s unpredictable” was enough to get our attention.

Fortunately, we were able to tell those clients that we have the exact solution they were looking for.  To their delight, the platform does all the heavy technical lifting so they could focus on growing their business.  

After all, the monster was just a nightmare.  <Off you go!>


Happy Clients.  Happy Teleco.IO