Why did we create Teleco.IO?

What is Teleco.IO?

Teleco.IO is a platform that aggregates numerous providers into one API

Why did we create Teleco.IO?

Our sister company, C9VoIP www.c9voip.com is a VoIP provider servicing small business, enterprise, and wholesale clients for over six years.  At this company we were preparing to integrate our providers into a admin and client portal where everything is seamless and automated for the last year or two.  We took the traditional path of working out all the API functions from one provider and then repeated for the next.  Clearly this makes selecting your providers exceedingly critical as there is a considerable amount of risk and time associated with committing to this level of integration into your systems.  What should happen if that provider has issues?  We weren’t willing to let our business be crippled.  Obviously, we had to have at least 2 providers in place and wanted to add a 3rd and 4th.  This is where things got tricky.

Now juggling the API functions of 3 or 4 providers, we noticed that if things kept adding on it was going to become quite cumbersome.  We kept looking for one managed API that would facilitate connection to all of our providers and maybe even new providers without all the associated costs, risks, and ongoing management hassle.  Soon it became clear from speaking with other providers that this was something many businesses could benefit from, yet did not exist.  This inspired us to create a solution once and for all; not just for us, but for all existing providers and enterprise companies encountering the same problem as well as new entrepreneurs wanting to get into the Telecom and VoIP industry.

With Teleco.IO in place for our sister company, C9VoIP could now automate ordering, provisioning, and lifecycle management with zero employee interaction.  C9VoIP recognized immediate growth and profitability from having the Teleco.IO API integrated and by seeing the predictable trend from the built-in reporting is enjoying continued growth.

That’s why we built Teleco.IO.  We created the Teleco.IO API to enable providers and enterprises by eliminating the cost, risk, and management associated with integrating into one or many upstream providers.  Our comprehensive interface speaks to the needs of executive management, sales, and support while providing a seamless automated interface for clients.

We dedicated our Teleco.IO team to becoming the best Telecom API integration developers.  On the team we have Telecom veterans familiar with running a successful VoIP Service Provider business, and our amazingly talented developers keep a fresh approach to User Experience and keeping things organized sensibly.  We have  successfully integrated the largest VoIP providers in the US, added key International providers, and are constantly working on building relationships with new providers.

What’s next for Teleco.IO?

Truly, we are looking forward to craft our product based on the need of clients using it.  We even have a development feature ranking system that lets clients have a vote on new-feature development priorities.  After all, Teleco.IO was created for the provider to be the comprehensive integration tool.  We want to continue to meet that need, fully.

We have a series of related products and impactful features scheduled for release in 2015.  For example, our built-in analytic reporting functions have some pending enhancements coming up soon.  And, there are a number of additional developments in the pipeline.  

Do give Teleco.IO a spin today.  We have made it really easy to get started (signup.teleco.io).  And be sure to give us your input so that we can keep making this product more valuable to you.

Team Teleco.IO